Privacy Policy

Personal data is processed in strict compliance with personal data protection legislation. The data, subjected to computer processing, will be stored in specific databases of the company Feira Viva, Cultura e Desporto, E. M.. Data collection is used as record, for statistical analysis and provision of products and services, as well as institutional information to be made available by the company. The supply of personal data is optional and the data subject is guaranteed the right to access, update, correct or delete their personal data, in person or upon written request addressed to the registered office of Feira Viva, Cultura e Desporto, E. M., displayed in the home page of this website. Although Feira Viva web pages have secure areas, where encrypted information circulates, other personal data is there, which circulates in an open network, and is not protected against possible deviations. Therefore, Feira Viva cannot be held responsible for the communication of access passwords, confidential codes and any sensitive information that may eventually be diverted. 

Changes to the Privacy Policy 

In the event of changes or updates to the privacy policy to enable Feira Viva, Cultura e Desporto, E.M. to use or share personal data that was previously collected in a different way, an updated version of the privacy policy will be available on this page. We recommend that the user visits the web page often in order to be acquainted with the most recent privacy policies.