You can take Santa Maria da Feira home

You can take Santa Maria da Feira home

The Saint Mary Online Store is a "huge hug"

Taking home an object that will remind us of a place where we were happy is, undoubtedly, bringing home stories and memories. The wish of keeping alive and memorable a place that we only knew for a brief period of time, while visiting or being on vacation with family and friends, was the starting point to this unique project and hopes to send a piece of this city all over the country, to Europe and soon to the world. It also pays attention to the Feirense diaspora, which assumes a great deal of importance in the selling and the promotion of the Land of Santa Maria da Feira. The Saint Mary Store is an online and physical store where you can buy everything that will remind you of Santa Maria da Feira.

Being a place where you can breath Santa Maria da Feira, there are several brands that leave a mark, ranging from the secular "Festa das Fogaceiras", going to the Imaginarius, the Street Art International Festival, the Medieval Journey in the Land of Santa Maria, Perlim, which is a world where dreams and the children imagination lives, and also all the places and notorious infrastructures of Santa Maria da Feira.

Saint Mary Store is open to the public, as a physical store, since 19 July 2017. The store at the Casa do Moinho will only be available until de end of the 2017 Medieval Journey, but the online store will be available for all of those that intend to buy original and official products from Santa Maria da Feira.

The implementation of this project has been going on for a year and was an initiative that emerged from the visitors' desire to have products. In each event, whenever official merchandising was available, the feedback was exceptional as well as the intention of purchasing other products along the year.

Under the coordination of Vânia Costa, Communication Designer, is the layout of the physical and digital spaces, the design of several products as well as their selection, choice and purchase. According to the responsible «Everything is made with a lot of dedication and based on the experiences that the visitors shared with us in these last few years. During the Medieval Journey we had the "Official Store" and during Perlim we had the "Perlinices", but now we have this huge hug called Saint Mary Store.

It is important to mention that the physical stores that sell official merchandising from Santa Maria da Feira have achieved record sales, surpassing 100% of the transactions made in previous years, year after year, in the last three ones. Basically, the aim is to have, along the year, spots that sell the best selling products and the most requested ones and that range from hotels to the most iconic places of the municipality. The main focus goes to the LIT - Loja Interativa de Turismo (Tourism interactive store) of the city, that will become a preferential selling store and a pick up point for those who buy online, but prefer to collect their products, in presence, at a reference store. Furthermore, it adds the advantage of seeing and knowing better their territory.

From now on, the public is able to "buy" Santa Maria da Feira at and ask for information through the email