Special Experience Products

Special Experience Products

“The Medieval Journey is to be lived, tasted, felt. The Medieval Journey bewitches!”* 
Special Experience Products to “Get married at the Journey”!

Given that the Medieval Journey is a multisensory experience with an unparalleled ability to win those who visit the outstanding event, and as it appeals to the most diverse audiences, age groups or nationalities, we want you to live the Journey a bit more in 2019!

The “Experience Products” have provided our guests with encounters as diverse as being “Warrior for a day”, “Living the Journey”, “Tour of the Journey”, “Guided Tours and History”, “Repast at the Village”, and “Get married at the Journey” - a total of 13 experiences which work as voyage through time to the Medieval ages in Portugal. After its success in 2018, we are launching exclusive offers at the Official Store of the Medieval Journey.

Inspired by Valentine’s Day, celebrated on the 14th February, the special offers commemorate the most unforgettable wedding ceremony in the Village of the Medieval Journey. The wedding rings can be engraved with the memorable inscription “When I am King, you shall be my Queen”, a promise of timeless and ageless earthly love. 
The following products are available for purchase: 
1. “Get married at the Journey” Experience
2. “Get married at the Journey” Experience + Wedding rings
3. “Queen” Wedding ring

This “wedding”, filled with symbol, aims at celebrating every union, pure and emblematically. “Get married at the Journey” marked the lives of 12 couples who were wed and their loves immortalized at Santa Maria da Feira.

The items are available for exclusive purchase www.smstore.pt

*In Viagem Medieval em Terra de Santa Maria – A História e as Estórias, Paulo Sérgio Pais, May 2013

General Information:

> Clients who wish the rings to be delivered until Valentine’s Day have to place their orders by the 21st January.
> For deliveries of the rings during the Medieval Journey, orders can be placed up to the 5th July 2019.

Refer to Terms and Conditions of the Experiences for further details.

Testimonials from the previous edition 

2st August 2018

Alcides Campos e Liliana Moura (Engaged couple)
“To be married in the Medieval Journey was a unique moment, in which we celebrated our love in the city that brought us together, and in an occasion which speaks so greatly to us. It was as if we were closer to a love story that inspires us continuously! The experience was yet another unparalleled moment in our hopefully eternal journey, just like the love of Pedro and Inês!”

9th August 2018

Nuno Silva e Cláudia Barbosa (Engaged couple)
“We could have gotten married elsewhere... But it wouldn’t be the same..."
Unique and amusing experience.

11th August 2018

Fernando Carneiro (Groom): “Baffling! Unique! One of the best moments, in the present, revisiting the past, and walking towards the future.”
Diana Pereira (Bride): “Happiness is undoubtedly a journey, never a destination! Getting married in the Journey was the ultimate proof of that.”

Available number:

2 per day from the 31st of July to 11th August (12 items)

Every delivery, reservation or other issues may be directed to the following contacts info@smstore.pt and/or info@viagemmedieval.com or (+351) 919 610 112 or (+351) 915 220 811.