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Family Day SPECIAL

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Family Day SPECIAL | 

“This place belongs to time! Let us live it together!” ... As a Family!

Give Love! Let the History of parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, uncles and nephews, godparents and godchildren flourish, as this may be the journey of their lives!

The Medieval Journey offers moments which will be stored forever in the memory of the living!

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Viagem Medieval em Terra de Santa Maria

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For this Family Day we propose a day of fantasy, enchantment, adventure and fun - a journey through time with historical costumes for adults and children alike!

“Experience Product” Family Day Special

Experiences for Children “Princess for a day” and/or “Knight for a day” & medieval outfits for the parents

Experience Product Family Day Special | 15th May [valid until 15th June]

RSP 150€ (2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years-old)

            - 2 Experiences for Children (Princess for a day and/or Knight for a day);

            - 2 Medieval outfits for the parents;

            - 4 meals to have a picnic in the Village;

            - 4 reserved seats for the large scale performance at 9.30pm in the stands.

Product Description


The Medieval Journey offers family moments which will be stored forever in the memory of the living!

Family is the best we have in this world - give them a wonderful and unforgettable experience with the Medieval Journey.

The “Princess for a day” experience allows a journey to the most charming environment in a child’s imagination: being a real princess. The Medieval Journey offers the medieval garments, make-up, hairstyling and the visit to a special place at the Gimbras woods theme area.

For those who seek a more adventurous amusement, “Knight for a day” is the right experience, as it provides a journey to the ventures of medieval times. The knights are clothed with authentic garments for this adventure, from cape to sword, and have access to different thematic areas where they can unleash their fearless spirit.

Getting to the end of the day, we provide the “Picnic in the Village”, which invites visitors to undergo a sensory experience, as they go through a tasting session of unique delicacies that are only cooked in the Village during this time of the year. As it is a feast, the picnic, a late afternoon meal, is accompanied by music and dancing, to amuse the guests at the table.

As you leave the Village, an unparalleled large scale performance follows, unforgettable for those who wish to be a part of it!


- 4 full medieval outfits (2 adults and 2 children);

- Princess for a day: Make-up and hairstyling for both mother and daughter, and free access to the thematic area of the Gimbras Woods for the entire family;

- Knight for a day: FreePass for the following thematic areas: Climbing the embrasures (+6), Soul of the warrior (+6), Archers (+8), and Training of squires (+10) for Father and Son;

- Recommended age: 3 to 10 years-old (Princess for a day) | above 6 years-old (Knight for a day);

- Maximum capacity of 6 participants each day (in each experience for children);

- Meeting point: Experience Point (advised time 2.30pm);

- Drink at the Picnic in the Village | 1 free drink per person;

- Meeting Point for the Picnic: 5pm | Village (drawbridge);

- 4 reserved seats for the large scale performances at 9.30pm in the stands;

- Personal accident insurance;

- Includes four tickets for the event (2 adults and 2 children up to 12 years-old).