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At Perlim there is a world of dreams and characters to unveil. There are shows where the joy, the musicality and the excellence of the sets are crucial, along 20 thematic areas. Perlim occurs in Santa Maria da Feira during December being the biggest Christmas thematic park of the country. Furthermore, and since its first edition in 2008, it has an incomparable scenery as background - the natural and centenary scenery of the Quinta do Castelo - the lake, the cavern and the hillside of the Love Tree! Pimpim, Perlim, Piri Fairy, Preciosa, Merlim Querlim Ferlim and Pim are some of the charming inhabitants that you can find there! 

Perlim, thanks to its original animation characteristics, was awarded with the prize for "Best Animation/Artistic Performance in a 2013 Event" at the ExpoEvents 2014 Gala.


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