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The Medieval Journey is the biggest European event related to a medieval historical recreation, which led to the winning of several prizes, nationally and internationally. The most recent ones were in the Global Eventex Awards 2017, with a 1st place for "Best Cultural Event” and a 2nd place for the “Grand Prix Best Event Eventex”. The Medieval Journey in the Land of Santa Maria takes place once a year over a 12-day period. It is placed in the historical centre of Santa Maria da Feira and occupies a total area of 40 hectares. With some unique characteristics, this project distinguishes itself by its historical accuracy, dimension (spacial and temporal) and the involvement of the population and local organisations, together with about a thousand people in the organisation, coordination and production for several areas as well as 400 volunteers that help with the implementation process.

Concentrated with the recreation of some episodes and events that marked the local and national history of the Middle Ages, the Medieval Journey is seen as an essential Portuguese icon.


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